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Lights, Camera, Action - Bangkok, Thailand

Rot Fai Night Market, Bangkok

I’ve never considered myself photogenic, but for some reason, the idea of a photo shoot in Bangkok had me all excited, thinking up props and outfits.

“Lovelyn you’re such a plain Jane”. Christina was not the only person to have said this to me, and she said it a few times. That must have been around 2003, and I'm still the same plain Jain I was back then. Well I recently chopped off my hair so I guess that makes me about twice the plain Jain I was then. So no doubt my face was plain when I arrived at Franki's studio for the photo shoot. Gave it over to her for a makeover. My only request was for it to look natural, and I loved what she did. The foundation felt light even under humid Bangkok heat. I didn't feel caked up or over plastered and my friend Dipna approved too. What’s more, the girl in the mirror still looked like me! Well the version of me with a pair of visible eyebrows. Lol. #Happymodel.

Location for the first two sets was King Rama IX Park Bangkok. We took a sky-train, and then motorbike taxis (moto-taxis) to get there. Now I’m an Adrenalin junkie but the way moto-taxis drive in Thailand always has me freaked out. This ride was not a short one. Must have been 20 minutes of holding on for dear life and kicking myself while the driver weaved through traffic at a crazy speed. There’s daring, and then there’s stupid; this ride dear reader, this ride was stupidity! Did I mention we had no helmets? Dipna was side saddling; but she finds these rides thrilling so she was having a blast. As for Franki, she had my luggage on her lap, AND was taking photos! The girl even scored some awesome shots! #photographyskills. I let out a huge sigh of relief when we arrived at the park. I had been holding my breath for too long! So long when it came to haggling the moto-taxi fare, I was quiet as a church-mouse. Again, Franki had our backs. The fare came down from 80 to 60 baht each. You gotta have bargaining skills to survive Bangkok scam attempts.

Lights (natural light), camera, action! Chilled park stroll poses - outfit change - yoga poses! No, I’m no yogi. I can’t hold a position long enough to burn a fraction of a calorie. The dog who came for a piss at my set spot didn’t help matters. I sat cross legged while Dipna instructed and encouraged my attempts to hold my hands still in some Freddy Krueger angles. Still, in my books, I aced it because photographer Frankie was happy! Up next, track shots. Did I mention I’m nothing close to fit? Not since I traded my strong legs for clear skin - story for another day. But these photos are so believable. I look like I did more work than some folk who were actually running, cycling, or brisk walking in the park.

King Rama IX Park, Bangkok

Location two Rot Fai Night Market - traveler poses - shopper poses (with some actual purchases). Three girls in a night market, how could we not pick up a few niceties. Rot Fai has an array of vintage cars usually on display in the vintage car shop, and along one of the streets. Took us long enough to find the area, only to be told the shop was under renovations so I couldn't get my Marilyn Monroe shots. I'll go back someday. For the love of vintage!

Rot Fai Night Market, Bangkok

This was a collaboration between a writer and a photographer, and boy did we win at it. Credits to We Got Soul Productions. It’s not everyday you get a photographer who makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Did I mention all she had to say was “laugh” and I’d be like a trained actress! On the side-lines Dipna had her own way of bringing out my smile! Conscious of how gummy it is, I kept asking Frankie not to capture it, but she did anyway. To my surprise, looking at the photos from the shoot, I am now totally in love with that gummy smile. Screw anyone who says gummy smiles are ugly. 3 mm is the acceptable amount of gum in a smile, they say. Yeah right. Money makers. I won’t be reading or paying attention to any of that anymore!

Behind the scenes is where I’ve always been. But on this one Saturday, I was front and centre! And it was oh so fun! I fell in love with the confident woman in those photos all over again. I’ll be keeping my short kinky hair for a long while. By the way, I noticed wrinkles in some of the close ups and it made me squeal with excitement! You read right. Wrinkles = an excited me. I’ve always looked much younger than my actual so anything that might resemble my real age is somehow exciting.

And it's a wrap!: Rot Fai Night Market, Bangkok

Seven hours later, exhausted and satisfied with the day’s work, we hung our boots and took a taxi home.

Bangkok Travel Tip:

If you plan on visiting Thailand, you must at least check out one night market. Rot Fai Market is one of the biggest night markets in Bangkok. It's also known as the Train Market, or Rot Fai Vintage Night Market. It's a great place to shop for really cool bargains, have a meal/try out Thailand's street food, or just hang out and have drinks with your mates.

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