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July 2, 2018

Peering out the tiny window pane, it seemed the plane would land on water. Ice topped mountains formed a beautiful backdrop to the buildings along the seafront. The sun glistened on the calm blue sea. I felt warm inside. AT.LONG.LAST.FRANCE!

The countdown for...

June 26, 2018

It is very easy to think any visa application you make after having been issued visa(s) by other foreign countries is a no-brainer. You have a travel history. A clean one at that because you’ve never over stayed, committed a crime in any of the destinations or even you...

June 24, 2018

 Lovelyn Mashave/Lyn_Chido

Desperate to get a breather from the madness in my birthplace, I moved to Thailand to study an MBA in International Business at Stamford International University. Stamford is a member of the Laureate International Universities. I was on a stud...

June 9, 2018

Fellow Africans will be able to relate to this one. South Africans somewhat exempt; because the world decided there are African countries, and then there is South Africa. I suppose they have Nelson Mandela to thank for a splendid job at international relations, and may...

April 5, 2018

Being beyond the birthplace, one of the things I have come to appreciate, is that when people share a common goal, and are passionate about making an impact, nothing will hold them back. Not nationality, nor age, colour, creed or whatever else you may think of. They wi...

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Nice, France

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